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SPILLA 1: materiale argento e porcellana sintetica - misura 7,5x7,5cm

The metamorphosis of the geometrical form
Perhaps you are asking why in my works I decided to use the geometrical shape already seen and perhaps old fashioned in the mere exposition of itself. But I would like to ask you: “why the cube is objectively a beautiful shape, that attracts our attention even if it’s always the same, repetitive and predictable?”.
Maybe because its intrinsic perfection is so far from our imperfect nature that attracts us, bring us to its contemplation, to its possession, even to desire to wear it.
My creation process is based on this contrast/interaction between our human nature and perfection of geometrical form, between our temporal being and the everlastingness to the object, between our natural inclination to feeling and the emotional stillness of the geometrical proportion.
In my work this tension is expressed by the use of superficial oxidations, the melting of plastic, the use of inlay and the corrosion of the metal.
So the object is humanized by a superficial and internal coating.
In this stratification of materials I see a temporal flow, a remembering of a past and a future, that ends only when the object is worn.
I didn’t give an evocative name to my works because I think that they’re like metaphysic moments that inspire different sensations to everyone and giving a proper name would have limited this flow of emotions.

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